is a small, family-run company dedicated to bringing innovative and unique products to the trucking industry. We make trucking easier, one American made product at a time. 
All our quality products are invented, designed and created by veteran truck driver, Jeff Zehrer. He and his wife Debbie assemble, package, market and ship each product personally. Jeff's goal is to help make life on the road a bit easier and more organized, one American made product at a time. Jeff is still an owner/operator and seems to know what most American truck owners need to make life on the road a little easier.

(559) 476-6313 toolboxes were introduced to the market in November 2010. After several prototypes and trials, the most versatile design was found in what is now sold nationwide in the USA. Our fully patented Cubby Buddy system is a modular tool storage system that is made to stack to fit your specific storage compartment needs. There is a full replacement guarantee on all slides and slide components for as long as you own your Cubby Buddy. Prices range from $90.00 to $203.00. 



There are three different models in two different dimensions to help us help you create the best system for your truck's tool storage needs. An optional mounting cradle is available to secure your Cubby Buddy system to the truck and if needed, raise the entire system to open easily outside your compartment. Designed by a trucker for truckers. Now no more hassle getting to your important tools.  

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                 Horizontal logistics bar storage system designed for the inside of your logistics trailer



2012 marked the premiere of our newest product - RAISING THE BAR logistics bar holders. Raising The Bar sell for only $59.00 per set.  The bar holders come complete with two holders and all the hardware already attached to hold up to six bars per set. No assembly required!  RTB uses your existing logistics posts to securely hold your unused logistics bars up and out of the way. 

FMCSA rules state that all load securement devices have to be safely stored when not in use. (See FMCSA Rule #392.9(a)(2)). Raising The Bar lets you be CSA compliant and safely stores your logistics bars up off the floor, away from forklifts and cargo.



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